Alternate trades in case of profits

Hi Experts

I want to take Alternate trades in case of profit.

Example Suppose first trade goes well and exited in profit. So even second signal comes trade should be avoided. When again signal come trade should be taken and so one.
Simple 1 Trade (OK) and 2nd Trade (Can be avoided in case of profit.3 will be again OK , then 4 should be avoided in case of profit.

Is this possible in TT?
If yes How?

Hi @Sanjay_Shah, this can be done with little jugaads, but I am not sure why do you wanna mess up with statistics, you will never know which trade will be the profitable one.
But here’s the process,
make two set of repair condition for exit of the leg,
initialise signal variable in Initialise variable as signal ==0
add your entry condition + signal = 0

  1. pnl> 0 --> exit leg, runtime variable(profit =1) and signal = 1
    REPAIR 2
  2. pnl< 0 --> exit leg, runtime variable (profit = 0) and signal = 1
    REPAIR 3.
  3. runtime variable (profit) == 0 and add your entry condition () --> take positions
    runtime variable(profit)=1 and your entry condition(), change (runtime variable) signal==0

hope this helps!