"All Deployed" Page: Features for users in Creator and Creator + plans

All Deployed Page is very useful to monitor your subscriber positions and trades all from one page:

Kindly watch the below video:


  1. This feature is available only for clients with Retail+ and higher plans.
  2. Paper Trading deployments of your strategy by subscribers are not visible on “All Deployed” page. Only Live Auto, Live Offline and Live Auto One-Click are visible.

Question: I have my strategies on live marketplace. Say in case of sudden fall or issue in order or high slippage, I want to close position for all my live deployed subscribers/ how can i do it ?

You can do it from All Deployed page

  1. Go to My strategies page
  2. Next to the strategy name click the 3 dots
  3. You will see all deployed page
  4. It will show you the subscribers who have deployed your strategy and their trades
  5. You can exit it for all of them all at once.