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I found the site quite user friendly.

Ive a few suggestions.

a) allow grouping of Algos into categories so its easy to manage them
b) allow rearranging the sequence of algos in My Strategies and Deployed pages. Will make it easier for people to compare strategies during paper trading or live trading
c) Indicate which condition resulted in the entry/exit getting executed. It will allow better analysis of trades.
d) In Run Time and Notification Lots, the date and time is in separate column. Please provide this for the Dashboard reports such as Order Book, Recent Notifications also, So that one can consolidate all these into one excel sheet, and then filter based on TIME and Date separately. If possible add Exchange also.
e) Run Time and Notification lists are not sequential on the running pages. Each page starts with 1 and ends at 20.
f) When one clicks on the 3 horizontal dashes the page which it opens has all the menus in it. The Three columns are not top alligned correctly. Also please use some BOLD/COLOR to make it easier to distinguish. Esp when its a HEADING.
g) In Dashboard table showing Deployed strategies, if we can sort algos by profit and exchange or type of strategy, one can decide after 7-8 days of paper strategy, in which to go LIVE.
h) Can u provide a MCQ questionaire based on all the content provided. This will help people to get certified as TradeTron Algo Traders. Also it will motivate peopel to read all the content provided by you more carefully.
i) If you can provide a CheckList/RoadMap which helps a person know at which stage he is with regard to his PREPAREDNESS for successful algo trading with awareness of how to handle First level problems.
j) Provide a basic Powerpoint about TradeTron, so that Sub-brokers can download it and share it with prospective clients.
k) Conduct regular surveys on various aspects, so that u gather information about changing trends, requirements, demographics, patterns etc.

Many of these features can be kept for quarterly or yearly members. Yearly members should be spending minimum time on daily analysis. They should be spending time in ‘displaying’ their successful trades on social media and making Presentations to new clients.

Thank you!