5 minute range breakout strategy

I just subscribe tradetron to write my strategy, but not filling comfortable, i want to write a strategy that …i need this logic…

  1. Open of 9:45 to 9:49 candle of 5 minute of any stock (it might green or red candle, just mark open of this candle)
  2. Mark open of next candle(it might open above 9:45 to 9:49 candle or below low of 9:45 to 9:49 candle, but it should not open within 9:45 to 9:49 candle, if open of this candle is within 9:45 to 9:49 candle then wait to open next any 5 minute candle which met above criteria) , after marking a range ( open of 9:45 to 9:49; 5minute candle and open of next any candle with above criteria)

3)Now time to do execution, if current 5 minute candle,s high is above range, then wait for next candle to open and execute buy (Here always my execution is 4th criteria met candle), And if current 5 minute candle low is below the range then execute sell on opening next candle.

Let’s example

1st) 9:45 to 9:49 candle open is 120 ( and low is 115)

2nd) i awaited to open next candle above open or below low of 9:45 to 9:49 candle but current candle close is within open and low of 9:45 to 9:49 candle, But at 12:15 to 12:19 five minute candle open at 114 which is below low of 9:45 to 9:49 candle, now i get a range 114 to 120

3rd) again i awaited to open candle which is below 114 or above 120 and at 1:15 to 1:19 five minute candle opens above 120 at 121 now wait to close this 1:15 to 1:19 candle.

4th) After 1:19, next candle’s open execute buy order.

Please help to execute this steps, till now no exit criteria.