How to find strike for Nifty current week & LTP between 160 to 180

Q1: I want to find Nifty current week expiry strike with any price between range of 160 to 180 for both CE & PE. I have inputted following syntax in “Strike Fx” formula section of “Position Builder”. Is it right, please suggest!

Q2: Second query: If I have put below (screenshot) entry condition to take first position (position details to be 0), would it only consider trades taken through Tradetron on broker terminal to be zero or will check for other trades also which taken on broker’s terminal manually to satisfy the first entry condition

TT looks at only TT inputs and outputs with broker. So any direct interaction/postion with Broker Terminal is not visible to TT…

Ans to Q.1 Keep only one keyword of find strike and use number 170 any not lesser and greater

@Prashant if I define my find strike and other entry conditions in entry conditions block, how to instruct the position builder to pick the same strike as defined in entry conditions? Is there a keyword for that?

Please Check the below thread.

Please note that a range cannot be selected. It can be either Lesser, Greater or Any from the selected premium value:

I think I have a similar issue to this.

I want to select the strike for example with LTP closest to 200 during my entry condition checks.
But, once my entry condition is met and I’m taking the trade, I want to select the strike which I checked for in the entry conditions and not select the strike which is closest to 200 at the time of taking the trade.

Using the above methods, I will always select the strike closest to 200 at the time of taking trade.

Could anyone please help with this?